- Sarveshwar


Sarveshwar’s Traditional Basmati rice is known as “the queen of fragrance”. We bring you the purest original grains grown in home conditions in the foothills of the Himalayas. The ideal climate and traditional cultivation methods help develop the unique aroma, taste and texture of our rice. Our approach from sowing to consuming remains true to our values so that our consumers have the finest quality Basmati, grown with the utmost care.


Sourcing is done from the original Basmati habitat,where the grain is nurtured by crystal clear Himalayan snowmelt.


Each grain is selected carefully by passing it through expert quality benchmarks.


The grain is aged and rested in natural conditions to attain the highest levels of uniformity and stability.Milling and packing is done using the latest worldclass techniques to keep the natural aroma, taste and texture intact.

Whitening and Polishing

During the whitening and polishing processes, the bran is removed from brown rice, which increases its shelf life and enhances its appearance. Bühler’s whitening and polishing equipment helps us enhance several rice quality parameters and helps attain an excellent rice grain surface by using high yield and hygienic processes for uniform and gentle whitening and intensive cooling.


At our steam plant, raw paddy is made to pass through steam that imparts a special colour and aroma. We also have a sella (parboiled) rice plant, where raw paddy is soaked in water for a carefully calibrated period of time, depending on the colour requirements of the customer.

Quality Control


Optical inspection of the grains is undertaken at our rice mill, during which all discoloured grains and chalky kernels are removed, leaving behind only the highest grade of produce. The Bühler Latest Series Sortex is a revolution.

In optical sorting, with features that facilitate the highest sorting efficiency, minimum product loss, sorting capacities to match different needs, and broken rice monitoring.

Hygiene and Storage

To ensure complete hygiene and sanitation, all our products are packed and packaged in our fully automated plant with inert gas flushing and vacuum packaging,untouched by human hands. We make sure that our processes retain the natural flavour, freshness and aroma of the rice. Our packing plant is equipped with devices for detection of any metal contamination for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, if any. The packing machinery used is compliant with HACCP and GMP guidelines.


Our processing and packaging zones have been constructed in a 2 lac square feet area. The company has a storage capacity of 300,000 square feet, with a milling capacity of over 300 metric tonnes per day.