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At Sarveshwar Foods Limited , the CSR approach is strategic in nature and embedded in our business processes across the entire value chain of the company, with a strive to operate and conduct itself in an ethical manner. Various initiatives taken under CSR are includes activities like spreading awareness about organic agriculture, farm input preparation, strengthening the farming community, women empowerment programs, training on various aspects of farming and related activities spread across many villages in states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pardesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Enhancing Livelihood

At Sarveshwar Foods Limited, we seek a relationship between business and society that does not treat success and social welfare as a Zero sum game. We follow a strategic approach to CSR rather than a responsive approach. Our initiatives involve Enhancing Livelihood of Farmers by motivating them to adopt Organic farming. Our initiatives are executed respecting the stakeholders expectations like conducting awareness generation camps for the farmers. At the time of sowing farmers are trained for right and healthy seed selection, seed treatment and seed sowing. After sowing we aware farmers for on farm input preparation so that they can prepare compost at home, which brings down cost for their biofertilizers.

Creating Stability

They are given training on preparation of various composts like vermicompost, matka khad, and CPP units. After sowing we train them to identify various disease and pests attacking the crop. We train them to manage these diseases or pests with the help of biopesticides. We encourage soil building practices, such as crop rotation, inter cropping, organic fertilizers and minimum tillage are central to organic practices. These encourage soil fauna and flora, improving soil formation and structure and creating more stable systems in turns the nutrients are increased and the retentive abilities of the soil for the nutrients and water are enhanced, compensating for the non-use of mineral fertilizers.